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Stolen from MyLittleSquirrelGirl

Name - Jocelyn
Birthday - April 6
Left or Right handed - Left
Height - 5 feet or less, I think
Favorite Colour - Green or blue, love those colors ewe
Hair Colour - Blonde, dirty blonde (all natural!)
Eye colour - Blue

Ten facts:
Are you single - I am a beautiful single pringle! :iconprussiadivaplz:
Favourite Season - Autumn (even though I have allergies this season!)
Favourite animal (real and mythical) - Real: uuh cats or dogs or wolves; Mythical: DRAGONS (I also like phoenixes!)
Nationality - American
favorite food - I love a lot of foods, but I mostly eat Italian foods
Sexual preference - Heterosexual
Birthplace - Northridge, California 
Do you wear glasses - No
Best feature - Eyes or hair

Love Life:
Shorter or taller - Taller...?
Are you aggressive or submissive - Mostly submissive
Would you ever consider a threesome - No
Ever been heart broken - Not sure
What puts you off in a relationship - If they try to touch me and I don't like it, manipulation, being enemies with my friends, looking at something pervy while I'm around..
Ever cheated or been cheated on - Nope
Name a fetish of yours - nah
Number of relationships - Not many

Who would you consider your best friend - Hi Debs :iconmylittlesquirrelgirl: Love you! And I lava you :iconjaywolfx: and you're awesome :iconmochiislandnationii: and I love Stephanie and Sarai too! <3
What would you do if you ever met one of you’re friends Ex bf/gf - Make a joke about them to my friend
Are you protective of your friends - Absolutely!
Are you social person - Around my friends, yes. Otherwise I'm like a brick in the background.
Embarrass a friend - Sometimes I like to tease them

LGBT - Neutral. I don't support it, but I'm not against it, per say.
Feminism - I agree with it, but not to an extreme level.
Religion - I'm Christian
Politics - Republican, but don't think I know everything about what the heck is even going on this country
Charity - Well donate if you want

Favourite Game (name one) - You expect me to pick one??!!
Last Game played - Probably Kingdom Hearts 1.5 Remix on PS3
Most hated Game - Nothing comes to mind at this exact moment
Most likely role in a multiplayer game - Healer/person who points out the enemies attacks/support really
Favourite Genre - Games with plot and action
Guilty pleasure - Fanfiction probably (not dirty I swear!)
Ever play YGO - Eh?
Deck - like cards? I love card games!

Anime and manga
Favourite anime - Fairy Tail, Soul Eater, Angel Beats!, Noragami, FullMetal Alchemist, umm... there's a lot.
Favourite manga - Fairy Tail, and Noragami's manga is really great too
favourite genre - Shounen (action) mostly, but I also really like fluffy things ewe

Name 3 Favourite pairings- Natsu/Lucy (Fairy Tail), Natsu/Lisanna (Fairy Tail), and Yato/Hiyori (Noragami) right now.
Currently reading - Sunflower (this is a book on Religion and Philosophy)
  • Mood: Anxious
  • Playing: want to play FNAF but also I don't
  • Drinking: pepsi


Kolinopolis13's Profile Picture
Jocelyn Ecsedy
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Call me Jawzy or Jawz! Those are my favorite nicknames :D

I like anime and manga and love music. I can't go a day without music! I am a Marvel and DC fan.

I absolutely love reading :reading: Books and fanfictions and short stories and poems. I also like to write fanfictions and poems and short stories myself.

:iconizayaownedplz::iconshizuoplz: <-- haha I hate Izaya :D

My waifu: :iconjaywolfx: <-- The bae :iconluvluvplz: She's amazing, fun, and awesome (-er than Prussia. Yeah. I went there.) :iconprussiadivaplz:

My Bambina: :iconmochiislandnationii: <-- Absolutely awesome, one of my favorite people to talk to, left-handed buddy :meow:

:iconfuckwhocanadaplz: :iconfuckmefranceplz: :iconfuckyourussiaplz: :iconfuckyeahamericaplz: :iconfucknoenglandplz: :iconfuckwhatitalyplz:

:iconcanadaohshitplz: :iconmattdoesntbelieveplz: :iconbloodycanadaplz: :iconcanadaderpplz:


Len is my fav Vocaloid! <3


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