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Jocelyn Ecsedy
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States

I'm 14 and my cousin is Debra/ MyLittleSquirrelGirl . :)

I like anime and manga and love music. I love spending time with my friends and family but I need alone time too :) I've always liked things quiet, unless it's a party. I like being random just to see the hilarious confused faces of the people around me :D

I absolutely love reading :reading: Books and fanfictions and short stories and poems :D I also like to write fanfictions and poems myself.

I want to become a successful artist and an author.

I'm blond with blue eyes and I am 99.9% insane. :iconhandspazzplz:

Never underestimate the power of insane blondes

May the weird be with you my friends. :dance:

I am a Republican and Christian :D and very patriotic

My waifu: :iconjaywolfx: <-- She's amazing, fun, and awesome (-er than Prussia. Yeah. I went there.) :iconprussiadivaplz:
waifu's old account: :iconshinigamiwolfz:

My Bambina: :iconmochiislandnationii: <-- Absolutely awesome, one of my favorite people to talk to, left-handed buddy :meow:, and an overall incredible person

:iconnorwayimaginationplz: :iconlovinosmileplz: :icongermanyeyebrowsplz: :iconiggybrowsplz: :iconrainbrowsplz: :iconbrowbeamsplz: :icondramaticspainplz: :iconaru-plz: :iconfrancehonhonplz: :iconprussiachickplz: :iconromanomoostasheplz: :icongermanyhurhurplz: :iconiggycraiplz: :iconcanadaomgwtfplz: :iconprussiaheplz: :iconfrenchsquealplz: :iconcanadaderpplz: :iconamericawhyplz: :iconusastarplz:

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:iconbadassrussiaplz: :iconseeintoyoursoulplz:

&ly;a href="…">

The Kagamine Twins are my favorite Vocaloid!! ^^


ツンデレ Tsundere (Harsh Outside/Gentle Inside)

[ ] You come off as sort of aloof to other people.

[ x ] In public, you intentionally refrain from showing much weakness.

[ ] You have a secret obsession with something cute.

[  ] You pretend that you hate your crush even though you really love him/her.

[ x ] You blush when people point out your sensitivities.

[ / ] You blush when people tell sexual jokes.

Total: 2.5


ヤンデレ Yandere (Gentle Outside/Harsh Inside)

[ x ] You’re very sweet and kind in public.

[ ] When romance becomes a topic of discussion, people say your personality changes drastically.

[ ] You know some sort of martial art, swordplay, or otherwise.

[ ] You have a crush who you’d literally kill for.

[ x ] You have a pet-peeve that makes you snap.

[ ] Schizophrenic?

Total: 2


メガネっ娘 Meganekko or Megane (Girl/Guy-with-Glasses Character)

[ ] You have glasses.

[ x ] You are/can sometimes/always be clumsy, ditzy, or absent-minded.

[ ] You are always very polite in your speech.

[ x ] You are fairly intelligent in some field.

[ ] You take discipline seriously.

[ ] You have some sort of fetish for something.

Total: 2


突っ込み Tsukkomi (Angry Guy)

[ x ] You have friend(s) who often make dumb or embarrassing remarks.

[ ] You smack/beat up this friend in some way.

[ x ] You do your best to maintain a calm facade, only to be thwarted by this friend.

[ ] If you & your friend were a yin-yang, you’d be the “yin”

[ ] You swear a lot.

[ x ] You try to bring out the more serious side of your ridiculous friend.

Total: 3


ボケ Boke (Dumb Guy)

[ x ] You often make silly or embarrassing comments.

[ x ] You like annoying the heck out of your best friend.

[ ] You often get beaten up by your friend in some way, but you take it in good stride.

[ ] If you & your friend were a yin-yang, you’d be the “yang.”

[ x ] You are normally very laid-back and carefree.

[ x ] You try to bring out the happier side of your angry friend.

Total: 4


大 和撫子 Nadeshiko (Perfect Wife)

[ ] You are always, almost overly, polite.

[ ] You love traditional Japanese culture.

[ ] You often wear either a kimono, yukata (summer cotton kimono), or apron

[ ] You’re an excellent cook.

[ ] You are hardly ever angry.

[ ] You have really long hair.

Total: 0


Sexy Character

[ ] Your bust/package is…formidable.

[ ] You like making sexual innuendos.

[ x ] You encourage trips to the beach, pool, or onsen (hot springs).

[ x ] There are some sexual things that you are ignorant to or need explained to you.

[ ] You’re an expert cosplayer.

[ ] You like the taste of alcohol.

Total: 2


Loli/Shōta Character

[ x ] You like sweets or chocolate.

[ x ] You adore cute things and/or the word “kawaii.”

[ x ] You use Japanese suffixes like “-chan,” “-tan,” “-sempai,” etc.

[ ] You add unnecessary suffixes to the ends of your sentences, like “nyo,” “nyu,” “un,” etc.

[ ] You are considered gullible or naive.

[ x ] You have a tall/powerful friend who protects you. (( My big brother! :D ))

total: 4

And the winner is.... a tie for the Loli and the Boke!!

  • Mood: Big Grin
  • Watching: Sword Art Online
  • Playing: Runescape
  • Drinking: water

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